23rd Medical Olympics

What is the Medical Olympics?

The Medical Olympics is a competition of knowledge and critical thinking covering the whole spectrum of medical science.

What form will the test have?

The structure of 23rd Medical Olympics consists of two separate parts:


Which concerns the basic Biomedical Sciences taught in the Medical Departments of Greece up to the 3rd year of study


Which concerns knowledge received by the student during his training in the clinical years, ie usually from 4th Year and above

Each of the above contains 100 multiple choice questions with 5 possible answers (1 correct each time, with no negative scoring). The duration of the exam for each part will be 90 minutes.


Who can participate?

All undergraduate medical students enrolled in the 25th SCHMS!


They can take part either individually or in groups (up to 3 people, regardless of the year). Those students are in pre-clinical years must also be entered in the pre-clinical contest, while those found in clinical years will have the option of pre-clinical or clinic.


This year’s competition will also be held in English , and there will be the same questions for students coming from Medical Departments abroad.

How can I participate?

Through the online form:


Participation Form

Why should I participate?

In order to test my knowledge and my strength, to cultivate my skills and of course to have the opportunity to claim many rich and original awards that will be announced soon.

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