Instructions for the candidates for award

Candidates for award are presented either in the form of an Oral Presentation or in the form of an E-Poster on the days of the conference. So the candidates submit the abstract according to the way they want to present it. However, in the case of candidates for award, it is a prerequisite to submit the full text of the work in ENGLISH.

Note: Please write full text in accordance with the international standards.

In summary, follow these steps:

1. Submit your abstract, depending on how you wish to present it, either in the form for Oral Presentation or in the E-Poster form available on the Submission page.
Deadline: March 25

2. Then send your full text in ENGLISH at the following email address:
Deadline: April 5

3. The text to be sent should have the following features:

a | Arial font, size 10 and full alignment
b | In pdf format
c | Below the title, the authors and their attributes and then the rest of the text.

Please note that the evaluation of the papers will be done by the Scientific Committee of the Congress with complete concealment of the data of the authors in order to ensure the transparency of the result.

An award will be given to the best paper and it will be accompanied by a cash prize.

Kind Regards,

Awards Team of 25th S.C.H.M.S.

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