Chapter of Thessaloniki

The Department of Thessaloniki of the SSHMS, based on its innovative organizational structures and the remarkable enthusiasm of its membership over the recent years, has achieved numerous scientific and public benefit actions.

The Thessaloniki section has been conducting on a steady basis several medico-social lectures (addressing current medical issues that concern the society as a whole), street actions, voluntary programs in cooperation with other organizations (such as Medecins du Monde and Hellenic Red Cross) and charity bazaars.

The main field of interest and activity is medical education, with the organization of hands-on seminars and workshops, in collaboration with our university professors and instructors. ABCS3 – Applied Basic Clinical Seminar with Scenarios for Students, is one of the biggest medical courses held in Greece, mainly led by students, and aiming to upgrade Simulation techniques in medical education. Over ten university clinics assist in the organization and realization of this groundbreaking seminar hosting more than 250 attendees.

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Chapter's Council

  • Georgios Lales
    Georgios Lales
  • Christos Mitas
    Vice President
    Christos Mitas
  • Anastasia Kourti
    Anastasia Kourti
  • Aliki Iliadou
    Aliki Iliadou
  • Eleni Tsotridou
    Eleni Tsotridou
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