Cultural Program

Thessaloniki by night ! Friday night.

The organizing committee of the 25th SCHMS invites you to a unique night with plenty of food and drinks!
Two renowned restaurants of our city, Ouzou melathron and Rouga, situated in a scenic gallery, join their forces in order to create a menu just for congress participants.
We are going to travel back in time and experience the magic of a different era of the city’s history! Good company, delicious food, quality drinks and live music are essential for a wonderful night out!

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For the very first time, the attendees of the congress will enjoy their coffee… ON BOARD!

A limited number of attendees will have the chance to take part in a different type of coffee break on the Thermaic Gulf of Thessaloniki.
????Apply in the following link:…/1FAIpQLSeHKWIGpuu8ZdMv8t…/viewform
????Come to Makedonia Palace in the morning of Sunday 12th of May
????Go for a walk on the new coastal walkway and inform citizens about the benefits of vaccination
????Board on the boat of 25th SCHMS and enjoy your coffee in sight of the White Tower of Thessaloniki and the coastal road.
*This action takes place in the context of the awareness campaign «emvoliaZO» and is organized by the Medical Association of Thessaloniki and supported by the 25th SCHMS

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in a unique guided tour in the historical centre of Thessaloniki !











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