The Scientific Congress of Hellenic Medical Students (SCHMS) is the pinnacle of the activities of the Scientific Society of Hellenic Medical Students (SSHMS). It is a classic event especially for the student community aiming to unify the whole medical community through a common vision: the advancement of medical science in our country by developing the scientific knowledge and personality of future physicians. Every year the conference is held in a different branch of SSHMS. The academic community has embraced SCHMC, as evidenced by the participation of thousands of health science students and hundreds of professors as well as by the high scientific quality of the congress. Therefore, SCHMC is ranked among the country’s most timeless and major medical conferences.

SCHMS gives medical students the opportunity to take their first steps through preparing a complete scientific project, from the very first literature search on international scientific databases to finally presenting their work to the public. Any student or group of students can actively participate in SCHMC with projects related to health sciences. The wide variety of conference topics guarantees that all participants will come to contact with an astonishingly wide range of scientific subjects. Apart from presenting their work, any students enrolled to SCHMC can also participate in the following extra activities:

International Forum of Medical Students and Junior Doctors

It aims to bring together the students of our country with the most acknowledged scientists of each field, opening new horizons.

Olympiad of Medical Knowledge

A medical knowledge competition, the winners of which will be awarded.


Practical and theoretical seminars / workshops

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